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5 Must See Films Releasing September Through November

From the feature list:

"There has already been a ton of great films released this year such as The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and ParaNorman. Even with that said―there are many more great movies to come this year. This list will take a look at some of our top film picks releasing from September through November in theaters. Read on to see our five must-see films and feast your eyes on their trailers!"

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LaurenKB1234194d ago

Surprising how many good animated films are coming down the pipes...

UltimaEnder4194d ago

Silent Hill, bringing back some classic game characters!

TheDailySuperHero4194d ago

It's all about Weck-it-Ralph. Could be the biggest movie of the fall season.

StarWarsFan4192d ago

I don't know, but I don't think Resident Evil: Retribution constitutes as a must-see movie.

pompombrum4191d ago

Was about to say, Resident Evil is hardly a must see. Mindless action films are for when you're bored and want some something easy to watch.

Daver4191d ago

Whats wrong with mindless action films? It is still entertainment and I thought this Resident evil movie look pretty good.

pompombrum4191d ago

Nothing is wrong with mindless action films.. I enjoy them as much as the next action film fan but they belong in a must watch film list.

alycakes4190d ago

I think it's going to be great to find out what's happened all this time and where they take the story...I'm with you on this one.

Daver4191d ago

Great list, i would add Rise of the guardians tho.

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