John Carpenter's Halloween Returning to Theaters This Fall

The Facebook page for the Halloween series dropped some news this evening regarding a theatrical release of John Carpenter's Halloween. And it's going to be shown with a special treat before the screening.

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karim3421d ago

Seen this movie too many times, I'll probably watch it too when it's re-released.

DarkBlood3421d ago

rereleased in theatres or blu-ray? because i think its already is

karim3421d ago

In theaters of course!

MinimeJer053420d ago

Awesome announcement. I had troubles watching this on DVD a few years ago, so hopefully a big-screen viewing will help do the film justice.

Smokeeye1233420d ago

Watched Halloween for the first time properly like 3 years ago start to finish at night alone. Definitely my favorite horror movie of all time.

The attention to the background, imagery, lighting, soundtrack makes it so perfect. There is hardly any blood and very limited actual violence but that's what make it scary. Movies today like Saw, etc. bulldoze over the careful ambiance set by Carpenter and just try to shock the views with gore and blood. The result? The movies become "gross" and not scary. Probably why the horror movie industry is dying.

Tzuno3419d ago

I am sick with movies about a serial killer that kill stupid and scared victims in gruesome ways to call it a horror movie. Deja Vu 1000 times.

jsnyder823419d ago

Okay...but you DO realize that this is basically the original, right? The movie that all the other ones were trying to copycat? And it IS a horror film.

adorie3419d ago

The first 2 Halloween movies were the ultimate for me. All the other Halloween movies, minus III, sucked excruciatingly bad.

In III, we're treated to what would be the modern day, true Halloween. Samhain.

Originally, Carpenter wanted to make a trilogy out of Halloween III, but everyone wanted to see Micheal Myers again.

I wonder if it would have turned out good, seeing as how in Halloween 4, Mike's mask looked terrible and the ambiance was not as strong as the first two.
Even III Had more atmosphere than the ones after it.