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Top 5 Movie Trilogies of All Time

Bamboo Shoots writes: Ever noticed how several movie franchises have three main movies? That’s a trilogy. And most trilogies are fantastic and revered for their amazing execution. The logic behind producing trilogies is easy: A movie is released, it’s a big hit. Since people are now aware of this movie and how good it is, the studio decides to create a sequel to earn more money. And guess what? The sequel earns a lot of cash which ultimately convinces the studio to finish off with a third movie, after which people get tired of the franchise. Sometimes, a fourth movie is released, but it’s hardly ever as good as the first three.

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Legion3334d ago

4. The Dark Knight?? Are you kidding me? The first movie of the series was terrible!!! The second was GREAT and the last.... well I have forgotten it already.

And they totally leave out The Godfather... FAIL article!!!! In sooooo many ways.

meganick3334d ago

Batman Begins is great too. Why do you think it's terrible?

Lord_Sloth3334d ago

My biggest issue is present with all 3 films. The fight scenes (which are supposed to feature Batman who is like an American Ninja of Justice with all the Martial Arts he knows) were absolutely boring and bad, his love interests are annoying and bland characters (as is most of the cast), he fails at sticking to reality yet refuses to bring in unrealistic characters, his plot twists are lame, and his writing is bad.

Seriously, the Batman Trilogy is simply the most overrated, not among the best.

mafiahajeri3333d ago

LOTR deserves to be there so does Batman. Godfather 3 was horrible so thats why It doesnt deserve to be there and Toy story is a no brainer.

TheDailySuperHero3334d ago

Of course this is one person's opinion but to fuel the fire and stir the pot, this would be ours:

1. Original Star Wars trilogy - changed the movie industry forever
2. Lord of the Rings trilogy - proved to the Academy fantasy films can be the best movie of the year
3. Indiana Jones trilogy - prefect combination of live-action adventure and entertaining story-telling
4. The Dark Knight trilogy - finally defined the superhero movie genre as a powerhouse
5. (tie) Toy Story trilogy - changed the movie industry showing that an all-CG movie can be done
5. (tie) Godfather trilogy - light years ahead of its time when it comes to compelling story-telling

TheDailySuperHero3334d ago

And to clarify, we don't consider Indy 4 as a part of the original Indy trilogy due to the time delay between them.

karim3334d ago

The only thing I agree with this article is Lord Of The Ring's ranking. Where's Godfather?

Xerolt3334d ago

Hello, I'm the person who wrote this article.

Everyone seems to be complaining about the Godfather not being present. The reason for that is that I have only watched the first Godfather movie and not the rest. I know that this trilogy is amazing, but I've never found the time to sit down and properly watch it.

I shall add an honourable mention for the Godfather later.

Flavor3333d ago

Not having time to watch the godfather part II and being a 'internet film site person'... uninstall.

Legion3333d ago

So because YOU didn't see it then it can't be considered the best of all time? I am glad that the only trilogy you saw wasn't American Pie!!!

level 3603333d ago

First 2 Godfathers were I rank the best but the 3rd was somewhat pushing the myth of the film too far.

Think they just got it about spot-on.

Can you rank The Matrix as a trilogy?..hmm, the live-action film - yes, but the Animatrix is also part of the puzzle and connects other sub-stories within the live-action series.

I believe Indiana Jones is not a trilogy anymore - there is the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls ( the 4th of the series )

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The story is too old to be commented.