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Bruce Willis In Talks To Star In Jeffrey Nachmanoff's 'American Assassin'

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Bruce Willis is having a pretty good year. Ok, so it hasn't exactly been spotless: few people liked "Lay The Favorite" at Sundance, and he's had some near-DTV level cameos in films like "The Expendables 2," this week's "Cold Light of Day" and the genuinely DTV "Fire With Fire" (starring 50 Cent, who seems to be running some kind of sponsorship programme for aging tough-guy actors). But he also gave a lovely, atypical performance in Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom," and according to early reviews today, including our own, is pretty great in Rian Johnson's "Looper," a film that Willis has described as the best he's ever been in.

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alycakes3671d ago

Anything Bruce Willis is in is okay with me. He has always been entertaining. I don't think he's ever gotten the credit he deserves for his acting.

karim3669d ago

I agree, he starred in so many great movies and his performances were usually terrific but like you said, he didn't get the critical acclaim he deserved

sjaakiejj3669d ago

When I see the title of this movie I already think "Bruce Willis". I think it'll be a natural fit.