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The CW Is Developing a Wonder Woman Origins Series


Boom! Wonder Woman may be coming back to TV after all, but not in the way we've been used to seeing her on film. Barely a year after NBC opted against moving forward with David E. Kelley's reworking of the comic book icon, and just as the character is hooking up with the Man of Steel in the comics, Vulture hears that the CW, Warner Bros. TV, and DC Comics have found a new way to revive the legend of Diana of Themyscira. The plan this time: origin story, all the way.

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Crazay3419d ago

i think that if anyone can make a decent series with the character it's CW. Not NBC, not ABC and certainly NOT Fox. I'm extremely intrigued if they can do it as good as Smallville and as good as Arrow looks.

DarkBlood3418d ago

like a tv series or some sort of 12 episode special hour long like tru blood in a way?

Crazay3418d ago

Just a normal TV show in the same vein as Smallville or Arrow

DarkBlood3418d ago

nice smallville was my favourite during its time of airing, i'll definitly check it out as well as arrow, unsure when thats coming on air

alycakes3418d ago

Arrow starts on Oct.10th at 7pm CST. I can't wait. I think it's going to be really good.

DarkBlood3417d ago

thanks for letting me know @alycakes