FilmFracture Review: The Words

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture wrote:

"A writer's words can project their soul onto the page, for the world to embrace, admonish, or when such words reveal a love story beyond measure to provoke a wealth of emotion. Passing off another's work as your own is the cruelest act a writer can commit; in "The Words," Bradley Cooper's character Rory Jansen does just that. But the truth behind the motivation of Rory to use another man's story in order to become a published writer is not simple. The complexity of Rory's tale tests morality, as it also reveals the truths behind the fact that having told a story may be more important than who actually wrote the story. "The Words" is a complicated dialogue on morals, on truth, and most of all a love story that makes the aforementioned inconsequential."

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