Relativity and the Bandito Brothers Developing Act of Valor TV Series

Coming Soon:
Relativity, RelativityREAL and the Bandito Brothers will bring their No.1 box office film Act of Valor to the small screen, it was announced today by Relativity’s President, Tucker Tooley, RelativityREAL’s CEO, Tom Forman, and the Bandito Brothers. The theatrical release over-performed at the box office and in-home entertainment markets, including VOD and is soon to be broadcast on the FX Network.

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alycakes3858d ago

Haven't seen the movie yet but plan to soon.

Soldierone3857d ago

The acting is horrible, but at the same time the movie is awesome. It felt raw, and the story behind it is great.

The only issue is they wrote the movie FOR actors, so they have a lot of dialogue and what not that sounds extremely stupid when they say it lol (its mostly the beginning, once they get into the missions and what not its not so bad)

Leio3857d ago

A pure bore fest with all military cliché one can possibly put in a movie, not to mention awful acting and horrible script.

Fairly good action though but not "that" special

karim3857d ago

Everyone I know who watched this movie gave it great reviews, have to give it a try before the series hits our TVs