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Warner Brothers Kicking Around The Idea Of Using Lobo In Justice League


Recently the only Justice League movie news we have been getting is who may or may not be directing the movie, but it seems that Warner Brothers might be looking to amp up the story by including Lobo.

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DarkBlood3418d ago

i dont know much about the dude all i know is that he is quite insane?

Soldierone3418d ago

Lobo is awesome, its a bit odd they are giving him his own movie too. I mean he is cool and I have his comics, but go around and not many people (even a lot of comic book people) have to think about it to remember who he is.

That and I think if The Rock (Dwayne) gets cast to play him, that may hurt his chances in Justice League. The rock comes with a big paycheck, and that alone would be an issue for the payroll of the JL movie.

I'm also still not sure Dwayne can portray him correctly.