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The Queen of Versailles Review | Clickonline

Clickonline writes: "When the market plummets in 2008, harsh reality seeps into the Siegel’s lives. The building project stalls, mass layoffs happen in the company and the relationship between husband and wife starts to crumble. In one sense, The Queen of Versailles presents impressive microcosm of the entire lending crisis in the states."

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N&R Review | The Queen of Versailles

Jonathan Kiefer:
Several years ago, when construction began on billionaire David Siegel’s 90,000-square-foot mega-mansion near Orlando, Florida, he wasn’t trying to build the largest single-family house in America. It just worked out that way: Somebody had to do it, and it might as well be a 70-something timeshare tycoon with the notion that his family needed more living space and the gumption to model it on the palace of Versailles.

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GabrieleKarr4311d ago

The gumption to model it on the palace of Versailles.



The Queen of Versailles (2012) - Popzara Review

A profile of two proud one-percenters, one of whom defines herself by living beyond her means; nothing if not a cautionary tale of wretched excess, fueled by the relentless yet hollow pursuit of the American Dream.

Full review by Chris Pandolfi.