Watch the Trailer for A Christmas Story 2

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The full trailer for A Christmas Story 2 is now online, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. The film, which goes direct to DVD and Blu-ray on October 30th, is touted as the "official" sequel to 1983's A Christmas Story (a sequel was previously attempted in 1994 with It Runs in the Family, later released on home video as My Summer Story).

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Crazay3858d ago

I want to cut myself after seeing this...

Soldierone3857d ago

If they didn't call it A Christmas Story 2, I'd actually be interested in it.....looks funny, but the simple fact of them touching a classic turns me away. It doesn't need to be touched, leave it alone.

Along with that, whats up with the voice? lol "I'm trying to talk in a deep voice while advertising this movie" Kinda felt like this whole thing was a parody.

StarWarsFan3856d ago

They should have just made this a separate movie unaffiliated with any other.

StarWarsFan3856d ago

I like how Ralphie in this movie is taller than the original Ralphie is today.