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Lawless Review | Examiner writes: Not all movies are meant to be epic, but that doesn't stop director John Hillcoat from trying his damnedest to achieve that lofty goal. "Lawless", based off true events, is a film that on its surface is a very simple tale involving family, loyalty and corruption, but it constantly seems to want to be so much more than that by adding in all these extra layers, some fleshed out and others just there to add unneeded complexities. The film gets just about as much right as it gets wrong which can be attributed mostly to the sporadic nature of its near 2 hour long run time.

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alycakes3848d ago

I don't care what kind of review this gets...I'm seeing it. This is based on a true story and Tom Hardy is in it..that right there is enough for me to know that it's a well made movie. The trailers I've seen have also shown me that I am interested in seeing this story so I'll be seeing it soon.