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Tobey Maguire Cut From Ang Lee's Life of Pi

Actor Tobey Maguire has been cut from the final edit of director Ang Lee's upcoming Life of Pi, where he had a small role as a writer interviewing the other characters.

According to sources for The Hollywood Reporter, "the actor's performance wasn't working -- he may have been too famous for the role." The cast is made up of relative unknowns.

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karim4195d ago

Awful news. Tobey is one of my favourite actors and I was really looking forward to see him in this movie. Shame

darklordzor4194d ago

Is it bad that I didn't know he was in it to begin with? I like Tobey honestly, and didn't think the role he was playing was all that big in the book. But if he messed it up, he messed it up.

aviator1894194d ago

I agree. He couldn't have done that role any better.

StarWarsFan4194d ago

And Ang Lee didn't think he was too famous compared to the other cast members beforehand?

karim4192d ago

Exactly. I'm guessed his performance didn't suit Ang Lee and just came up with an excuse.


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