Breaking Bad Season 5 Retrospective: Time Was the Only Hindrance to An Otherwise Great Season

Geek Binge: Going into Breaking Bad Season 5, I fully expected for Vince Gilligan and his crackpot team to wow me. Very rarely do I go into a season of television so certain that it will be amazing, but what can I say? Breaking Bad had earned my trust. For four years, Breaking Bad has established time and time again that it was a show for the ages, certain to be remembered as one of the greatest ever made. And following its stupendous fourth season, I had no doubt that Gilligan could establish it yet again. So here we are, one year later. Season 5 of Breaking Bad is over and, for the most part, has wowed the world once again. But this year, something feels different. Even though Breaking Bad continued to be a great show, the seams have begun to unravel. The show has only eight episodes left until it is over, and one thing is becoming fastly apparent. Time is not on Breaking Bad’s side. And sadly, that could end up being the show’s downfall.

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