'Beverly Hills Cop' Series Lands At CBS With Pilot Production Commitment

Sherlock Holmes, meet Axel Foley. In a very competitive situation, CBS, which has new Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary coming this fall, has landed Beverly Hills Cop, a series offshoot from the blockbuster movie franchise. The films’ star Eddie Murphy and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan executive produce the Sony TV-produced project, which has received a pilot production commitment from CBS.

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alycakes3860d ago

If they can keep it funny like the first movie was I think it can make it as a regular on tv but I don't know yet so I'll have to see the pilot first.

calis3859d ago

I don't see how they can considering part of the humour was the foul-mouthed Axel Foley.

I wonder how the new Sherlock show will go, the BBC Sherlock is absolutely brilliant.

alycakes3859d ago

The BBC show is not really a humorous one where the one on CBS is suppose to be more on the funny side. It will have the drama too but still have the dry sense of humor. I really don't know how it will work but I'll watch it for a few episodes and give it a chance.