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New Photos From Season Three Of The Walking Dead


Season Three of Amc's hit show The Walking Dead is a little over a month away from its premiere, so to hold us over the network has released a bunch of new stills.

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Crazay4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Anyone else out there kinda hating a little on how the Governor looks? I have faith in the show, but I know they're going to cut out a whole big portion of the comic this season and I can accept that because some of it might be just a little too much for TV but changing up the look of the Gov is something I wish they didn't mess with.

aDDicteD4197d ago

yup same thing in my mind, cause i like just how the governor looks like in the comics with his mustache and medium hair. but i guess we will like him soon when the season 3 comes and i can guess that they will lengthen his roles just like on what they did to shane. so i guess by that time he'll grow he's signature looks.

well speaking of messing the character looks I still hate carol's messed up look in the tv series lol. i can live with how the governor looks but on carol well were in season 3 and her looks still bugs me because of so much difference.


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