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Summer 2012 - More Lackluster Than Blockbuster

From TMP:

Summer is usually the time of year that most film fans look forward to. However, 2012 will be remebered as a year that generally did not live up to expectations. A large number of big-budget flops, luke warm reviews, fan indifference and a lower than average financial return for the studios has made for a disappointing summer movie season.

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darklordzor4283d ago

I think lackluster is really the best way to phrase this Summer. I honestly wouldn't say it's the worst. We had a lot of good films this Summer Season, but not a lot of GREAT films. Too many of them just didn't live up to expectations. Doesn't mean they were all bad, just not what we all wanted and hoped for.

aDDicteD4281d ago

alot of movies were deemed lackluster due to comparison to the previous project where it was attached like dark knight rises,men in black 3, spiderman, bourne legacy etc. while hunger games and avengers are the first of its installment and cannot be compared so its kind of unfair really.

Soldierone4281d ago

I think it was lackluster last year as well. However this year we got Spider-man and Hunger Games, both memorable movies to me. Both were fantastic. I couldn't really name a movie that came out last year that I enjoyed beyond Super 8....And a Christmas movie that came out late in the year.

This year though, at least ill be buying 3 movies (Avengers, Spider-man, and Hunger Games).

I do agree its still lackluster, and I want movies to be better....It's kinda lame going weeks without having a movie night with my GF because literally nothing good is in theaters, or at least something worth wasting 20-30 bucks on. Kinda odd that good movies are now releasing before or after the summer.


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