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"Inside News" For Upcoming Marvel Movies


A Twitter user by the name of Roger Wardell is claiming to have scoops regarding Marvel's upcoming slate; including the return of Red Skull, casting for Doctor Strange, and the SHIELD television show.

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Crazay3851d ago

Hard to say how legit this is. The guy has had one hit in the past with his talk about Captain America 2...Time will tell but I think that it's safe to say we haven't seen the end of The Red Skull, Cobie Smulders getting a ner role in the S.H.I.E.L.D. series doesn't seem so far fetched either considering How I Met Your Mother is sure to be coming to a close sooner than later.

Also on the Dr.Strange front, it would seem to me that debuting him in Thor 2 would be the perfect launching point for the character.

darklordzor3850d ago

This would be pretty interesting if they turn out to be true, but so many rumors about comic book movies turn out to be crap. Honestly I hardly listen to them anymore or pay them any mind. I don't mind being proved wrong though.

karim3850d ago

Interesting, can't decide if he's legit or no, guess only time will tell