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R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan, Dead at 54

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Oscar-nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan has passed away at the age of 54, according to his fiancée Omarosa Stallworth and news reports on the wire. Duncan suffered a heart attack on July 13 and according to his publicist, he never fully recovered from it.

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Crazay3430d ago

I always liked this guy. He just seemed to be such a nice guy and by all the accounts I had read from people prior to today he was.

"I'm tired tired"

CPO3429d ago

Too bad. A really good guy as Crazay said.
Sympathies to his friends and family

first1NFANTRY3429d ago

Damn that's a shame. rip mr duncan, i remember watching him in Armageddon

alycakes3429d ago

I'm so sad...I just loved this man. The Green Mile is one of my favorite movies and it's because of him. He was such a wonderful and funny person too. I know he had recently had heart surgery. My heart just feels a little empty right now.

SnakeCQC3429d ago

he also did the voice over for atlas in god of war this guy was really talented green mile was awesome its such a loss

Soldierone3429d ago

He was awesome, but never really got credit for his stuff since he was hardly the main character.

I remember him in See Spot Run, he was hilarious in that. Also he was the voice in Green Lantern.

I think its kinda funny that no one really knows him by name, but as soon as you mention movies and show pictures EVERYONE is like "oh man I liked him!"

Crazay3429d ago

Ya that is kinda of unfortunate because he was absolutely brilliant in The Green Mile. Just one hell of a good actor who probably never got nearly as many roles as he should have due to his size. He was a gargantuan man and there just aren't so many roles for a man of that stature.

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