Respect for George Lucas

Leon Thomas highlights the accomplishments of George Lucas and defends the famous director from those who wish to discredit even his early successes.

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Human Analog3853d ago

I agree, and disagree at the same time. Lucas is a great creator, and visionary. He needs help reeling in his thoughts, and making them cohesive. He created Indiana Jones but Spielberg refined him. He created Starwars, but the best one was the one he did not direct. If he had worked with Spielberg on the new trilogy, can you imagine how great they could have been?

Merrill3852d ago

Clearly you didn't see Indian Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull..It sure didn't help that Spielberg directed that heap of horse dung.

Human Analog3852d ago

I liked that one too. It was still better than any of the prequels.


Screwed up at the end of his career. He literally turned Star Wars into a cartoon instead of making episode 7. And what ever happened to Jedi Knight Academy 2? Sad very sad.

pompombrum3853d ago

Jedi Academy 2.. one can dream. I always said, if they want to make a great Star Wars game.. do another Jedi Knight game but make it a Sith Warrior game and base it on the Darth Bane story. That would be so hype.

Flavor3853d ago

His career mirrors that of most professionals - innovative and engaging work early on, stagnation and self-plagiarizing later in life. Doesn't matter if you are a physicist or a director. But what he did with star wars was really unforgivable, just blatant regurgitation for quick profit.

Bimkoblerutso3852d ago

No one (that should be taken seriously) is attempting to discredit Lucas's early triumphs, but the fact of the matter is in these later years he seems to be a completely different filmmaker. He makes choices in movies that are so groan-inducingly bad, cheesy, or otherwise baffling that it boggles the mind to think that he could be at all responsible for some of the greatest films ever made.

And if nothing else, some red flags should be raised given the fact that Lucas wants to COMPLETELY wipe the original trilogy in it's theatrical form from the face of the earth. And that's not hyperbole. He has made it very clear that the only versions of the original trilogy he wants being passed down through the annuls of time are the "special" editions. Personally, I think that's something that we CAN contend on moral grounds. Because (pardon my french) that shit ain't right.

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The story is too old to be commented.