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Jim Carrey is Officially The Colonel in Kick-Ass 2

Geek Binge: A couple of weeks ago, it was rumored that director Jeff Wadlow was approaching Jim Carrey to play a major part in the sequel to Kick-Ass, which may or may not be called Balls to the Wall (that title has yet to be confirmed at this point). At the time, I was quite sure Carrey wouldn’t accept the gig, due to “scheduling conflicts” or some other lame excuse like that. Honestly, I didn’t think Carrey had it in him to play a borderline disturbing role such as this one, not after tackling stuff like Mr. Popper’s Penguins. But color me surprises; according to Wadlow’s Twitter at least, Carrey has accepted the role. And better yet, filming will begin by the end of the week.

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TheCritic283428d ago

This is a great casting choice, in my opinion. Love to see Jim Carrey commit himself to something that isn't terrible.

Yi-Long3427d ago

... I also hope the villain in Kick-Ass 2 will be a bit better than the quite boring and 1-dimensional 'villain' in Kick-Ass 1, which was pretty much the only negative* I had about that movie...

(* = but I haven't read the original comic, and I know there were some complaints about it not being completely faithful to that...)

TheCritic283427d ago

I agree, but Mark Strong did give it his all in the role though.

Soldierone3427d ago

Jim Carrey haters will hate, but for the rest of us this is awesome news! It will be a challenge to make this movie live up to the first, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

They used a local comic book company for the first one (Atomic Comics) since they closed they should use Drawn to Comics. The atmosphere around it and the people there would be perfect for the movie lol

alycakes3427d ago

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt but you're right...I'm not exactly a big fan of his. He used to make me laugh but not so much any more.