Production Shut Down on Gerard Butler Revenge Drama Motor City

Merely a few weeks out from the start of filming, production has been halted on the revenge drama Motor City. The film, from director Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli), has had a rather rocky development, with a number of actors (Dominic Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeremy Renner) flirting with the lead only to subsequently drop out. Gerard Butler was finally set in the starring role of a felon who, after being released from prison, begins tracking down the men who framed him, with Adrien Brody onboard as the villain and Mickey Rourke in a supporting role. Filming was set to commence on September 17th, but the crew has now been told to go home due to some complex issues that have arisen behind the scenes. Hit the jump for more details.

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alycakes3861d ago

I look forward to most of Gerard Butler's movies. I'm sad this one isn't going on but that's okay since he's got a few more in the works. I like him in just about anything except romantic comedies...exception P.S. I Love You, and that was more of a dramady.