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Ip Man Review | LRA

LRA writes: No, this is not about some guy's Intellectual Property, this is yet another fantastic cinematic offering from China featuring modern day legend Donnie Yen in the role of Ip Man, a martial arts grandmaster who in real life became the mentor of this one guy that you may have heard of , Bruce Lee. Based extremely loosely off the real life events surrounding Ip Man, the film takes place in 1937, the first year of the second Sino-Japanese War where the small town of Foshan is invaded by a detachment of Japanese soldiers. The local townspeople are stripped of their possessions and forced to live in poverty and it falls upon Ip Man, Foshan's champion, to fight for his people.

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this is a great movie from start to finish. i would definitely recommend this to anyone. the fight scenes were great and it has a solid story. an instant classic on its own.