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Box Office: Joss Whedon's The Avengers Passes $1.5 Billion Worldwide


With Marvel Studios and Disney expanding the Joss Whedon-helmed superhero epic The Avengers in 1700+ theatres this weekend, the film has now grossed more than $1.5 billion at the global box office.

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Deadpool6164249d ago

Spend that money wisely Marvel and let the hits keep on coming! :)

OneAboveAll4249d ago

YES! Please spend it wisely. If you do, only good things can happen! The Avengers is the start of something huge that's never been done in cinema before (movies that link together).

alycakes4248d ago

This is awesome of course but lets just hope that Joss Whedon doesn't get so much work that he doesn't take as much time and care on the second one as he did on this one. He's a perfectionist but even one like him can get over worked.


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