Deadpool Movie Update by 20th Century Fox Teases Something is in the Works, Maybe It has been a few months since any information regarding a solo Deadpool movie has been heard. Until now.

Over on the 20th Century Fox's Deadpool movie page, on Facebook, an update was made.

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MinimeJer053435d ago

This is never going to happen. I can just feel it...

OneAboveAll3434d ago

Ryan makes a great DP in my honest opinion. Not going to blame his acting but the bad writing for Origins.

Deadpool6163434d ago

I agree. I remember seeing Ryan in interviews cringing about what they did to Deadpool and still being obligated to sell the movie. I can tell he wasn't satisfied with the results as much as anyone else. I'm more than willing to give him another shot at it, because I enjoyed the parts he did before the movie quickly started going downhill.

OneAboveAll3434d ago

Agreed. He's pretty good at comedy so I think giving him the chance to bust out and do the character some real justice would be awesome.

TheDailySuperHero3434d ago

Who else could bring both the physicality of the character along with a comedic presence at the same time? Just curious to hear some thoughts/suggestions...

execution173433d ago

hard to say, but if they do make a Deadpool movie I hope they use Ryan