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For a Good Time, Call... (2012) - Popzara Movie Review

Exemplifies yet again why female-driven raunchy comedies tend to work better than those that are male-driven; follows in the tradition of Bridesmaids in that it aims to be as filthy and as sweet as possible.

Full review by Chris Pandolfi.


The Blu-ray Breakdown: January 22, 2013

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

his week offers up several of early fall’s bigger releases including a COPS style action film, a sex hotline comedy, a death row drama, and several straight to disc releases. When it comes to catalog releases there are several John Wayne titles, some films from the golden age of Hollywood, and a few low budget B-movies.

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For a Good Time, Call... Review | Clickonline

Clickonline writes: "The main problem lies in the script which doesn’t push the boundaries of its R rating and never manages to make up for it with any real wit. The performances don’t help much either – Graynor and Miller are needlessly shrill and act, for the most part, like needy children looking for attention. They don’t handle the drama much better than the comedy, and the movie goes to ridiculous lengths in search of a twist for its final act."

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For a Good Time Call Audio Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed has posted an audio review of the comedy "For a Good Time Call". He cited the humor and great cast and strong points for the movie.