Ranking the Movies of Summer 2012

IGN -Was the Summer of Awesome as awesome as we had hoped? Check out our scorecard for the movies released this past season. They're ranked by our critics' review ratings, from the worst to the best. Chime in on the Comments with your picks for the best and worst movies of Summer 2012.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32703d ago

I actually didn't think John Carter of Mars was all that bad. Sure, it's a story that seems all too familiar, and a lot of the plot points are just muddled, but there were some standout scenes.

And I was pleasantly surprised by MIB, but that had more to do with the ending.

Soldierone2702d ago

John Carter was one of my favorites as well. I loved Men in Black 3, I expected it to totally suck, but it was rather fun to watch!

Soldierone2702d ago

Don't understand this list, probably mostly because I think IGN sucks at rating movies. They have absolutely crap movies in the top 10 (Snow White and Expendables 2 as good movies?) Then movies like Spider-man and John Carter are sitting on the outside....

Yeah, if anything it shows me to never go to IGN for opinions as it doesn't line up with mine at all.

alycakes2701d ago

John Carter was one of my favorite this year...I loved the story and I liked the special effects and truely liked all aspects of the whole movie. I saw it a couple of times and enjoyed very much.