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Doctor Who Season 7 Posters, Trailer and Teasers

Doctor Who fans are likely waiting with bated breath for season seven to kick off this weekend. Luckily, we have five new episode posters, a trailer and installments of a series of mini-adventures to share with you. While the latest season will feature the continuing exploits of The Doctor (Matt Smith), this year will also mark the departure of fan favorites Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). On the bright side, the Christmas special will introduce The Doctor’s new companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) so hopefully the fans give her a chance to win their affections. Season seven of Doctor Who starts September 1st on the BBC and BBC America. Hit the jump to see the new episode posters, trailer and mini-adventures.

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alycakes3865d ago

I haven't kept up with this Dr. Who like I did with the last two and my all time fav was David Tenant anyway...I still miss him. I know there are so many fans out there still and one day I will watch all of these when I have time.

pomoluese3863d ago

He's different. Ten is still my favorite, but there is something to love about the childish innocence this one brings, not only in the quirky way he acts, but when he's sad, his whole face is consumed with raw emotion.

I can't really say I'm a fan of Amy Pond either. They did give us a glimpse of the upcoming companion and I have to say that she is amazing, so it might be worth it to pick the series back up for her.

ALICE6663863d ago

I liked david tennant too who was the best doctor of all time. the new guy even though I tried hard to like for the sake of DW is impossible. Something I just dont like about the way he is.

pomoluese3863d ago

His face, it looks like a dinosaur from Barney. Is that what you were going for? Because that's always what I think.