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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Peter Berg‘s latest big-budget Hollywood action film Battleship is based on the Hasbro board game and also Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy. Where Bay went big and explosive, Berg goes loud and boring. Battleship is the result of too many Hollywood big shots trying to drain the creative well dry, basing a two hour movie on a strategic board game that most played in their childhood. The performances aren’t anchored in reality and the action is sometimes creative and expansive, but mostly drowns in its own obnoxious self as Berg tries plugging hot women, patriotism and the basic understanding of doing battle at sea with large ships. There are far worse things than Battleship, but that doesn’t hold it back from being a bona fide sinker."

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titanius7192693d ago

Eighty five seems a little bit generous for this movie. As my supervisor at Dish would say, “in school that would be a “B” and I would give it a “C” at best.” We just got it through the mail with Blockbuster at Home last night and hadn’t even finished half of the movie when my wife pulled it out of the DVD player and headed off to the Blockbuster store to get an exchange. If it cost anything to exchange it I would have her, but even then I don’t think she would have let me. Granted, she is bigger on plot than I am, but it takes a lot to get her out of the house after she is settled in. I would know.