Jersey Shore Cancelled by MTV


Soon, we’ll be living in a post-Jersey Shore world. Yes, MTV is cancelling the reality series, Variety reveals, and the upcoming Season 6, debuting October 4th, will be the last one.

While Jersey Shore was a huge hit for MTV, and became a pop culture sensation, making the cast into unlikely stars, ratings have been declining in recent seasons, leading to MTV’s decision – made a few weeks before the premiere, so they can properly market this season as the final one.

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Crazay2701d ago

I confess....i've watched this show...repeatedly... I've kinda enjoyed it in a very very dirty sorta way. I apologize to all who thought better of me...

The show does make for a great drinking game though.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2700d ago

Jersey shore is like a guilty pleasure. you know you shouldnt watch it but you do anyway.

Crazay2700d ago

and then you feel dirty and shameful afterwards.

KwietStorm2700d ago

I've never watched a single episode.

reznik_zerosum2700d ago

from now i will ignore all ur comments.

Crazay2700d ago Show
Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2700d ago

i watched 1 episode and vowed never again

pompombrum2701d ago

My faith in society has gone up a notch.

Bakkies2701d ago

About time. The show was enjoyable to me in the start, because these people were scum fighting amongst each other and disdained by everyone in Jersey.

Later they became celebs with dedicated cops following them around, bodyguards and such. MTV gave them money and power, therefore the show transformed from Jerry Springer to some rich celebrity show.

It should have stayed like season 1, where everybody just wanted to beat the shit out of these people.

Crazay2701d ago

I think it might have worked a little better if they had perhaps just got new people every year but then I guess that would have been the Real World.

No_Pantaloons2700d ago

I watched it and to be honest the last 2 seasons were awful. I was actually disappointed when they announced the 6th cause it know it wont be any good. I admit shows like that are trash, but sometimes you wanna see people more messed up than yourself, so I understand why its appealing, but the gang is rich and they all get along now, so its lost all the drama that made it a spectacle for viewers.

Klonopin2700d ago

There is still justice in the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.