Justice League Movie: Would Warner Bros. and DC Even Dare Go Up Against The Avengers 2 in 2015? Marvel Studios may have a large group of movies in the works for their planned "Phase 2" of their cinematic universe but Warner Bros. and DC have been netting more headlines, as of late, with rumors surrounding their Justice League movie.

Rumors of directors to helm the project along with Batman being rebooted in the movie itself have been hot topics across the Internet. But a new rumor strikes up the thought, "Are they seriously thinking about doing that?"

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BlackIceJoe3311d ago

They could always make the movie come out in April or in August. So the summer goes out with a bang. They could bring the movie out when ever they want just as long as Brett Ratner does not get to be the director. The DC world is perfect for movies so I hope WB will start really putting the best people on the films.

WB has put out great DC animation films so I can't figure out why they want to put out bad live versions. I would even be fine if WB brought their animation films to the big screen.

Also seeing as it talks about 2015 I wonder if Peter Jackson would want to make the film seeing as he would have been done filming the Hobbit. I think it would be interesting to see what he could bring to the DC world. But would he really want to jump back into filming.

TheDailySuperHero3311d ago

Is the DC world perfect for movies though? Green Lantern was a FLOP. Superman Returns a FLOP. Pretty much everything except for the first two Superman movies and the Batman franchise (sans Batman Forever and Batman & Robin) have been FLOPS.

The DC world being perfect reamins to be seen...but we definitely agree on Ratner. If he directs, DC should just quit making movies altogether.

BlackIceJoe3311d ago

I do agree with you so far WB has not put out good DC movies. But if they would look at what works with their DC animation films then they could bring out great movies. Plus they also need to get people to make the films that know the history of the characters too.

Another thing that would work would be if WB looked at what Marvel has done with getting the people that make the comics involved with the movies too.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3311d ago


I think you missed his points completely. I think he more or less meant, The universe of the DC characters can be perfect for films given the right talent. And he's right. DC has some great characters and amazing stories but WB can't obtain a talented director/writer to save their lives. Agreed most DC movies are horrible. WB got lucky with Nolan's involvement with the Dark knight series. Man of Steel looks promising. Let's hope they start taking things seriously.

Soldierone3311d ago

I don't see why not. To be entirely honest I think it would come down to two things.

1 Who comes out first? And when. As John Carter proved, releasing TOO early will still give you early year style sales. However look at Avengers and how it literally killed every summer movie around it. If Avengers releases then Justice League is a week later, i think they'd be taking sales from each other and nothing spectacular happens for BOTH, just one.

2 Marketing. WB needs to market the hell out of it. Hype it up at comic con, posters for months, basically do what Amazing Spider-Man did.

To be entirely honest I'd be more scared if i was another super hero movie. If Sony wants to release the next Spider-Man that year, i'd probably slap the marketing and release people in the face with fish. You know how much it sucked wanting to go back and see this movie, but it was already being replaced with Batman....ugh.

TheDailySuperHero3310d ago

Interesting point about marketing and WB seeing as how there was hardly a presence at Comic-Con for both The Dark Knight Rises (Nolan hates having any presence at Comic-Con) and Man of Steel. There was literally only Superman's new suit, at this past Comic-Con, and the lack of presence is both disappointing for fans who want to see more and hurts the movie as well. Give the fans what they want at Comic-Con ... it's not that hard of a concept to understand.

Soldierone3309d ago

Agree entirely. This is the crowd that GAVE these people a job. Not wanting to be there is just stupid.

alycakes3307d ago

That only makes sense to do it that way.