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Leonardo DiCaprio & Matthew McConaughey Is Shockingly Skinny In 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Set Pics

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Years ago, this writer was shown "Wolves of Wall Street," a werewolf movie where no one turned into a werewolf, and there was a scene where one werewolf, still in human form, peed on another man's leg to show dominance and mark his territory. While there's probably no correlation between director Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Wolves of Wall Street" outside of a similar name, Leonardo DiCaprio is finally back in his marked territory of working with Scorsese and set photos of the production have already arrived online.

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alycakes3306d ago

I just can't believe how different MacConaughey looks. I know they do it to play a part in a movie but it can't be good for their health.

nyobzoo3305d ago

lol, the 1st pic of McConaughey reminds me of Mike Wolfe from Amerian Pickers