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5 Things That Will Happen During the Breaking Bad Season Five Finale

Geek Binge: Curses, can you believe it? We only have five days left until this season of Breaking Bad is over. I know, it does feel like it’s barely come back. Well, blame AMC and their insistence on splitting the final sixteen episodes in half. Now, instead of getting one gigantic season of 16, we’re getting two batches of 8 over a two year time period. Well this is a little infuriating, look at the bright side; at least we’ll have another season to enjoy Breaking Bad! I don’t know how I’m going to react when it’s gone. Anyways, let’s talk about less depressing things! We still have one episode left this season, and a ton of things can possibly go down. Here’s five plot points we’re sure will come back in the Breaking Bad Season Five Finale!

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Crazay3306d ago

Can't wait to see the culmination of the entire series..