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Sony/Columbia Pictures Are Making A Metal Gear Solid Movie

PushStartSelect: "Straight from the Metal Gear Sold Anniversary event, we have breaking news! Ever dreamed of seeing Metal Gear Solid as a movie? I have, even started writing several scripts for it to happen, and now it is actually happening! Confirmed from the event is a collaboration between Colmubia Pictures (Sony), Kojima Productions, and Konami to create Metal Gear Solid movie. There isn’t much details, but this is exciting enough. Kojima always mentioned he wanted to take part in the production if this ever happened, did he get his wish or just simply break and allowed Hollywood to get their paws on it?"

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darklordzor3311d ago

Please don't suck. As much as I've wanted a MGS movie, I've always kind of worried about it too. MGS is filled with a lot of 'iconic' things, from Snake's voice to a distinctive style; things that don't typically transfer well in adaptations. Still, I can remain hopeful!

wishingW3L3311d ago

the producer is Avi Arad from Marvel and it seems that the budget will be fairly large. On twitter they said that they want Nolan to direct the film and the dream cast are:

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman and Bale.

If all that turns out true then we have nothing to fear!

pompombrum3311d ago

Damon, Affleck and potentially Bale to play Solid Snake and we have nothing to fear? All of them would be terrible terrible TERRIBLE choices. Not overly fond of Jackman either but he at least looks like he could pull off Solid Snake.

strauser3603311d ago

You could just get that one guy named david hayter.

totallysane3311d ago

You took the words right outa muh mouth! David Hayter. No brainer

wishingW3L3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Those aren't my choices... I'm just saying what Kojima posted on his twitter! And not all of them are choices to play Snake.

I actually like that cast myself, specially Christian Bale and Jack Hughman. If you knew anything about films you would know that those 2 are incredible actors. That Hughman has been on many terrible movies is not his fault, the director is the one that makes the actors shine independently if they are bad or not. The actors aren't the ones that make a movie be bad or good, it's the writers and director the ones responsible for that.

Soldierone3311d ago

No, please no.....

We don't need a super dark MGS, and Bales Batman voice was horrible....and we want him to be Snake? Please no.

I love Nolan, but I just don't see his work matching up with this just right. It would be interesting though so I'll love it if he directs. I just don't want Bale being Snake AT ALL. Great actor, but Snake has that grainy deep voice and Bale proved he can't do it with Batman.

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-MD-3311d ago

The games are already movies

wishingW3L3311d ago

but they aren't! MGS games may resemble cinematography but story telling in video games is completely different from a film. Obviously films have a time limitation and they are more focused. The experience is totally different.

Story-telling in games is all about explaining why are you there and why it should be exciting for the player. Films doesn't care about that, films only care about telling a story.

Wagz223311d ago

Except for MGS4 lol that was a movie with some gameplay

alycakes3311d ago

I don't know anything about games but so far some of the movies that I know are from games I've enjoyed.

LOL_WUT3311d ago

Here's hoping Kojima is involved in some way.

pompombrum3311d ago

Hayter or GTFO.. seriously, with such an iconic voice, they're going to mess this up big time. If I recall from the last pictures I saw of him, he might need to get in shape but really.. there is only one person who can accurately play Solid Snake.

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