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With Avengers, Batman and Spider-Man Leading in 2012 Ticket Sales, Superhero Movies Are Here to Stay The 2012 box office year is not over yet but with three superhero movies in the Top 5 in ticket sales, so far, the genre is going nowhere.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33306d ago

ugh, god forbid somebody actually have an original idea for a change. I geuss its more of a reflection on how dumbed down audiences have become.

TheDailySuperHero3306d ago

It's all about making money in Hollywood and superhero movies make a ton of it now.

DarkBlood3306d ago

would you rather have a bunch of based on a true story,crime movies and other types of movies like that?

in reality i dont see how much more original anyone can get for ideas so Id take superhero movies over what i said above any day

calis3305d ago

Well come on. You seem to be above the 'dumbed down audience' so wow us with your magical formula for the worlds greatest movie.

Surely you can show us mere peons snippets of your grand plan.