CinemaBlend Reviews The Possession

CB - It’s gotten to the point where I don’t care if a horror movie scares me anymore. Sure, on-screen creepy-crawlies send an undeniable chill down my spine, but Hollywood’s go-to scares – such as ghosts, vampires, zombies and demons – just don’t do the trick. I still appreciate horror movies, even if they don't give me nightmares, because I like the fact that filmmakers are trying to get the audience to have a visceral reaction while sitting in a darkened theater. But so many modern horror films are lazy about it, relying on tropes instead of exercising a creative muscle and finding new ways to affect their audience. Ole Bornedal’s The Possession is nothing more than an amalgamation of some of the more popular examples of these and the result is boring, repetitive junk.

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