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Rumor Control: Supposed Director's List for Justice League Makes Me Want to Cry

From TMP:

Justice League is the focus of a lot of attention lately since Dark Knight Rises has ended, and it's expected to be WB's next big comic book film (aside from Man of Steel). Many fans are looking forward to it, myself included, but if this rumored list of director's that Warner Bros. is considering proves to be correct...I might just cry.

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darklordzor3314d ago

Please no! Ratner or McG could be the absolute worst choices WB could go with. Why would they even think about that?

-Superman-3313d ago

WB just had luck with Nolan, but they dont care no more.
They just hire cheapest director and want to make as much money as possible.

TheDailySuperHero3314d ago

If Ratner or McG become the director, then WB and DC should just stop making superhero movies for good. Please don't...

darklordzor3314d ago

I'm going to be completely honest. As much as I desperately want and am looking forward to a Justice League movie, if Ratner ends up directing, I may pass on it.

-MD-3313d ago

We would all still watch it to see what it's all about but that's not saying it wouldn't be terrible.

Odds are it would be with him behind it though.

Soldierone3314d ago

I don't understand why WB has no idea how to utilize DC better. DC was once the powerhouse of comics, yet it wasn't until recently that WB learned "hey lets market and sell merchandise every where like Marvel...."

They need to learn to utilize DC better, not just the small indie style comics (Darkhorse etc) and create that appeal again. Saying Shatner is even considered for directing this is either someone fooling around just for a laugh while they have someone of quality in mind, or WB simply showing off that they fail at working with DC assets.

BlackIceJoe3314d ago

This sucks being a big fan of DC. With Peter Jackson finishing soon The Hobbit he should get a shot to do the film. The same with Guillermo Del Tero seeing he was to do the Hobbit first. I enjoyed what he did with Hellboy.

I don't know why WB would even think about Ratner there was so much hate when he got picked to finish Xmen & when Fox said he would do a good job he did not. People were mad at Fox after it came out too.

The same thing happened when McG made the new Terminator. People did not like it.

I wonder what Ridley Scott is up to. He could do a great Amazon movie with Diana.

DarkBlood3314d ago

hes still got the other 2 hobbit films after the first one to do so i think we can count him out of the picture

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