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Jackie Chan Breaks Out The Rollerblade Suit In Absolutely Brilliant Chinese Zodiac Teaser

And there you have it. With the release of a single teaser Jackie Chan has just guaranteed that the upcoming Chinese Zodiac will be the best proper Jackie Chan film in over a decade. How is this so? Well, the leading man filmography hasn't been so hot for a good while, if we're being honest. And this single sequence is very clearly one of the best things Chan has done in his entire career. Period. Action packed. High risk. Extremely physical. And yet also funny and loaded with personality. In other words, vintage Chan.

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alycakes3315d ago

That was a pretty cool video. You really can't tell it's Jackie's just really fast!

wishingW3L3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Chan should make another movie like Shinjuku Incident. Now that was a really great movie and I would even dare to say that it was his best film to date.