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Rebooted Batman to Debut in Justice League?

Batman-on-Film reports that they've received information that points to the next Batman debuting in Justice League before having his own solo film.

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DarkBlood3317d ago

interesting, read the article i did but my own thought for why they choose to do this would of been because of schedule issues they want to get this justice league film out sooner or something

but i do know it was batman and superman who formed it so a batman cameo *not in his suit obviously* maybe in the form of aftercredits for man of steel hopfully before the black credit list shows and not after the entire thing is done lol

darklordzor3316d ago

I don't know that a cameo for Batman would really work. That'd be kind of odd to have him on the sidelines and not play a larger role in the film. Besides which I would think that having Batman in the film would be a major selling point for them.

TheDailySuperHero3316d ago

We offered up an opinion post saying this same thing back in July. Nice to see someone might be listening! :)

Soldierone3316d ago

Well DC Comics is currently doing a thing with the Justice League and none of the key characters are leading it. They also had 52 Weeks series that had all 3 main characters disappear, so the other heroes had to form the league.

Like I said before, the film should be used to help launch other characters better. Its basically doing what Marvel did, but backwards. Gain interest then give them their own films. We don't necessarily need to follow things to a T and make the entire movie about two characters that already do well on their own.

I think they will have a cameo or something in Superman with Bruce Wayne, or at least create a bigger issue with the Green Arrow show or Green Lantern movie, and have that lead into the movie. It'd be a lot better than spending the entire movie on them creating the league. Almost every "reboot" of the Justice League spent very little time on it.

Also wouldn't worry about it. Superman will be in the lead, but I'm highly anticipating them basically "advertising" the other characters and giving them more time on screen.

gemc6663315d ago

they can do it as the hulk in The Avengers

-MD-3315d ago

Hulk is no Batman though. Not only that but Hulk's role was fairly minor in The Avengers compared to the likes of Iron Man.

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