Five Directors Who Should Tackle the Expendables 3

Geek Binge: A couple weeks ago, The Expendables 2 hit theaters nationwide with guns a blazing. Despite not besting the opening weekend numbers of the first film, Stallone seems pretty committed on making an Expendables 3 (hell, he already has Nicolas Cage, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Clint Eastwood on his wish list). Stallone may have plans for cast additions, but what about the director? Stallone took the job the first time around, but passed on the duty to Con Air director Simon West for the sequel. Well West did a fine job, having a really awesome action director tackle the next film could prove beneficial for the third entry in the franchise. So if Stallone is really serious about doing this (and if Lionsgate approves), here’s the five directors who should tackle the Expendables 3.

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StarWarsFan3306d ago

Kathryn Bigelow would be interesting. I'd like to see her do something more commercial. Renny Harlin would be an interesting choice too. He did Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger. He also did Cutthroat Island, but this The Expendables 3 could serve as redemption for him.