Why People Love And Hate Harley Quinn

Chaoshour Writes: If you are a fan of the Batman universe - Especially Batman: The Animated Series TV series from the 90's, chances are you will have come across Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel, the Arkham Asylum intern Psychiatrist turned high-spirited villainess and devoted lover of The Joker, known as Harley Quinn. Armed with a beautifully crafted and intriguing origin story, she creates a rare opportunity for further depth to what is arguably Batman's greatest and most mysterious nemesis, The Joker. You would think this would be a winning combination but Harley Quinn has caused a great divide between the fans and many hold very strong opinion of her on both ends of the spectrum. She's a lot like Marmite it seems, you either love her or hate her. Let's try to figure out why this is, shall we?

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