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Lockout Review - Chaos Hour

“Die Hard... In Space!” It’s difficult to ignore such a comment, even if it does come from Nuts Magazine. But then, if there is one thing that Nuts do understand it is adrenaline pumping, testosterone fueled action movies. Add into the mix that this film is from the producers of Taken and presented to us by none other than Leon and Fifth Element’s Luc Besson and surely this film cannot go wrong.

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ericbaca3312d ago

I rented Lock out with Blockbuster at Home and I was a little disappointed with it on the whole. I know that we have not seen an imagination like George Lucas in forever, but one of my coworkers at Dish pointed out that the writers can at least throw us a bone every once in a while. I won’t pretend that the action didn’t get me pumped up. But when I watch a movie I don’t just want action, I want a plot that can keep up with it. Unfortunately Lock Out wasn’t able to provide that. Another movie that I am happy I rented, but even happier that I did not buy. It was a fun way to waste an hour and a half though.