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The Top Ten Over-the-Top Movie Performances

CO - Have you seen Premium Rush yet? Oh, you haven’t? It’s okay. I’ll wait while you go get a ticket and see it.

Back? Amazing, right? And wasn’t Michael Shannon excellent? Indeed, if you’ll recall from the last episode of The B-Movies Podcast right here in the hallowed cyber-pages of CraveOnline, you would hear William “Bibbs” Bibbiani and I pretty much frothing wildly over how entertaining the flick was, and even making an earnest call to The Academy, asking that Michael Shannon be nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. We argued that the kind of truly unique scenery chewing that Shannon delivers in Premium Rush is just as impressive as any complex and high-minded dramatic performance to come out of Hollywood’s usual dramatic Oscar-bait weepies. We also discussed how Gene Siskel, way back in 1997, made a plea with Academy members to nominate the legendary Jon Voight for his performance in the oft-maligned rubbery killer snake flick Anaconda.

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