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Get The Gringo Review - LRA

LRA writes: Written, produced and starring Mel Gibson, "Get the Gringo" is the third film featuring the once Hollywood mega star since his much publicized anti semitic remarks and those absurdly hateful phone calls to his ex-wife. Much like another fallen star (Tom Cruise), he has been trying to find a way back into the public's good favor for years now, but unable to do so thus far. His two other most recent films, "Edge of Darkness" and "The Beaver", were not exactly the best vehicles to set him on the path to forgiveness either, but with this, his latest endeavor in front of the camera, he finally seems to be getting his groove back.

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FilmFracture3314d ago

I would not consider Tom Cruise a fallen star. "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" grossed more than $209 million dollars domestically last year.