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Premium Rush Movie Review | Metal Arcade

Zachary Kircher of Metal Arcade writes:

Chase movies: so simple, yet so exciting and mysterious. They’ve been done in so many forms since the dawn of the action film, which include landmark movies such as North by Northwest, Speed, The Bourne Trilogy and a number of other great action films. However, how often is it that we get a chase movie in which the main protagonist is a cyclist? Not that often at all; that’s why writer/director David Koepp’s new film Premium Rush intrigued me, because basically the whole entire plot revolves around a bike messenger being chased around New York City. Sure, from the trailers Premium Rush seemed to be a poorly-written film, but considering that David Koepp has some good films under his belt (Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible and Spider-Man are among them) and the two leads are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon, I had some faith in this little action film. Did this end up being a refreshing rush of adrenaline?

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