New Set Photos from Thor: The Dark World

Last month, we reported that Thor: The Dark World would be filming in Bourne Wood, England in August and September. Specifically the production would be constructing “a fictional village set in another realm, with yurts and village like dressing in the bowl.” Images of the village have now begun to leak online, although since they’re unfinished, it simply looks like one of the world’s biggest jungle gyms. As I noted when we first reported on this location shooting, I’m glad they’ll be going off the sound stage, although it’s highly likely giant green screen banners will still be constructed in addition to the practical sets.

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StarWarsFan3306d ago

I don't think Thor was the best movie, but it set the characters up enough for a very good sequel.

alycakes3305d ago

I liked it a lot because it was so different from the rest and reminded me of the mythology I used to study in school. The cinematography was really great.