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'Burn Notice' Recap: Desperate Times, Season Finale

Celebrity Cafe:

Michael decides to involve the CIA, since he needs the resources. He needs them in order to get Intel quickly. That means involving Carr. He took the information Michael gave him and after hours of extensive search, there is video of the supposed Tyler Gray.

Carr sends Michael, Fiona, Jesse, Sam, as well as Brady Presson to Panama, where Tyler Gray is supposed to be hiding. They get to Panama and they set up in an abandoned building. As the morning rises, Michael notices something odd. There is an electrical truck outside a building where no electricity runs. They have been made. They have less than a couple minutes to get out. All the exits are covered by armed men. They escape from the roof. They have to jump to the other building in order to escape. As they escape, Michael notices Gray and shoots at him.

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alycakes3310d ago

There is always a bad guy at the end of the tunnel...never a light...never good news. I guess we'll have to wait until the show gets cancelled for Michael to get free of all these crooked CIA and big corporate people that seem to run everything and own everyone....but then I don't want the show to end anytime soon.