Why Batman Might Not Be the Good Guy in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Max Urai wrote:

"Not only does it have several characters talk about politics, but it also employs images that so clearly refer to political events past and present (more on that later) that it’s sort of impossible not to think about what the movie actually means in this context."

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sjaakiejj3314d ago

Pretty decent read, but the author seems to have missed the point of the bomb and bane's speech.

Bane's intention was never to actually give the city back to the people. Bane was more interested in giving people hope of survival before taking it all away in a single blast, much like the Lazarus Pit (e.g. the jail) that he found himself in until he was taken out by Ra's. The light at the top gave people hope, but the inability to reach it crushed those hopes. It was a matter of sadism more than anything else.

Gamefan123314d ago

"Ra’s Al Ghuls disciple, and that character was apparently based on Osama Bin Laden"

uumm what

perdie3314d ago

yea seriously. Batman was made up before bin laden existed

perdie3314d ago

"P.S. Oh, also? Batman at one point straight up goes and shoots a dude. Seriously, pay close attention at the moment he saves Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s character. He totally does. There goes your entire first movie, Mr. Nolan."

Um no if you go rewatch the scene he doesnt. A gun shot goes off but it wasnt batman that shoots it!

vitorizzo3314d ago

who cares it was an ass overhyped piece of garbage movie. without a doubt nolans worst movie