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Summer 2012 Winners and Losers

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From "The Avengers" to "The Expendables 2," this has been an active -- some might say overactive -- summer. Now, with our back-to-school list-making, let's scan the summer's winners and losers:

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vitorizzo3309d ago

bane was the only good thing about TDKR...glad to see joss whedon getting alot of love..and ted was hilarious...

r213309d ago

TDKR was amazing! :D

KingPin3309d ago

its the best movie i watched this year.

mcstorm3309d ago

I agree and BB,TDK and TDKR are 3 of the best films ive ever seen cant wait for TDKR on Bluray now.

aDDicteD3309d ago

they forgot to mention something about the amazing spiderman

KidMakeshift3309d ago

Moonrise Kingdom and Ted were awful. Total Recall looked great but was fucking retarded