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Crave Online - Jersey Shore Shark Attack Blu-Ray Review

CO - I had always taken it as a matter of pride that I haven’t seen a single episode, or even a single solitary second of “Jersey Shore.” The closest I’ve ever come was their brief, presumably cathartic cameo as the brunt of Moe’s brutal punishment in the Farrelly Bros.’ Three Stooges earlier this year. I guess I assumed that the whole world wanted to see the stars of MTV’s reality TV series bludgeoned with hammers, and that Jersey Shore Shark Attack, a SyFy Channel Original Movie recently released on Blu-ray, would be more of the same. Universally-loathed pop culture punch lines dropped into a situation that punishes them for their many perceived flaws, a cheap gag or two at reality TV’s expense, everyone at home feels good about themselves afterwards, engaging in a blissful if mean-spirited bout of schadenfreude.

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