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Ten Movies People Love and Why They're Not That Great


Sometimes movies hit a sweet spot in our cultural consciousness. It could be a gooey sensibility that appeals to our national pride, it could be a sugary flavor that stimulates our sentimental guts, or it could be mad special effects that blow our minds – at least until the next $500 million sci-fi epic rolls around.

But sometimes, these movies aren’t so great upon re-watching. Perhaps they’ve aged particularly badly, or they were up against a lousy bunch of Best Picture nominees the year they were released, or perhaps many of us just had a severe case of the Emperor’s New Clothes when we watched them in the first place. Be honest: when you told your friend that you really enjoyed a Little Miss Sunshine or a Juno, did it taste a little... bitter?

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Soldierone3317d ago

To me if you enjoy a movie, then you enjoy a movie. Its one thing I really hated talking about in film classes. There are "rules" and if your film doesn't follow these "rules" then it sucks. Then they go on to Hollywood movies and why they suck because it didn't follow said rules, even though everyone loved the movie (at least till the lecture) and it already made bank at boxoffice.

To me these movies are making millions of dollars, the professor teaching this obviously isn't, so who do I trust? If you like a movie, then you like a movie. I think Hollywood would make much better movies if they opened up and quit following the rule book word for word all the time.

StarWarsFan3317d ago

Forrest Gump, American Beauty, The Green Mile...? Is the writer of that artcile kidding? She's lost all credibility with that list.